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Expert Opinion: Jane Bennett

Prof. Jane Bennett shares some insights from her new book, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things, with Arts & Sciences magazine. Click to read the article.

Prof. Deudney’s Book Named International Studies Association’s Best Book of the Decade

Bounding Power: Republican Security Theory from the Polis to the Global Village, a 2007 work by associate professor of political science Daniel Deudney, has been named one of three joint winners of the International Studies Association’s Best Book of the Decade Award. The honor is bestowed every 10 years upon a book or books of […]

Immigration and Citizenship in Japan

Japan is currently the only advanced industrial democracy with a fourth-generation immigrant problem. As other industrialized countries face the challenges of incorporating postwar immigrants, Japan continues to struggle with the incorporation of prewar immigrants and their descendants. Whereas others have focused on international norms, domestic institutions, and recent immigration, this book argues that contemporary immigration […]

Do the Jews Have a Future in America?

Powerful but Vulnerable Jews wield a good deal of power in contemporary America but cannot assume this to be a permanent state of affairs. Despite their power, many Jews feel a growing sense of unease. A wealthy and successful American Jew recently asked me where the Jews could go if and when they had to […]

Moses of South Carolina: A Jewish Scalawag During Radical Reconstruction

Franklin Moses Jr. is one of the great forgotten figures in American history. Scion of a distinguished Jewish family in South Carolina, he was a firebrand supporter of secession and an officer in the Confederate army. Moses then reversed course. As Reconstruction governor of South Carolina, he shocked and outraged his white constituents by championing […]

Rethinking Violence: States and Non-State Actors in Conflict; BCSIA Studies in International Security Series

States, nationalist movements, and ethnic groups in conflict with one another often face a choice between violent and nonviolent strategies. Although major wars between sovereign states have become rare, contemporary world politics has been rife with internal conflict, ethnic cleansing, and violence against civilians. This book asks how, why, and when states and non-state actors […]

Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things

In Vibrant Matter the political theorist Jane Bennett, renowned for her work on nature, ethics, and affect, shifts her focus from the human experience of things to things themselves. Bennett argues that political theory needs to do a better job of recognizing the active participation of nonhuman forces in events. Toward that end, she theorizes […]

The Queer Politics of Television

This is a radical book, which brings together the fields of political theory and television studies. In one of the first books to do so, Samuel A. Chambers exposes and explores the cultural politics of television by treating television shows—including Six Feet Under, Buffy, Desperate Housewives, The L Word, and Big Love—as serious, important texts and […]

States of Violence: War, Capital Punishment, and Letting Die

The book brings together scholarship on three different forms of state violence, examining each for what it can tell us about the conditions under which states use violence and the significance of violence to our understanding of states. The contributors to this book demonstrate that states of violence thus have a history and sociology. Yet […]

Bounding Power: Republican Security Theory from the Polis to the Global Village

Realism, the dominant theory of international relations, particularly regarding security, seems compelling in part because of its claim to embody so much of Western political thought from the ancient Greeks to the present. Its main challenger, liberalism, looks to Kant and nineteenth-century economists. Despite their many insights, neither realism nor liberalism gives us adequate tools […]