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Kellee Tsai

Professor and Vice Dean for Humanities, Social Sciences, and Graduate Programs

Areas of Interest:  Comparative Politics, Political Economy of Development, Chinese Politics, International Political Economy

The Johns Hopkins University
Department of Political Science
337 Megenthaler
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218

Telephone: (410) 516-7972

Office Hours:  Fall 2014, On Leave

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Tsai's Website

Recent Publications:

Capitalism without Democracy: The Private Sector in Contemporary China (Cornell University Press, 2007)

Nongyehua yu minjian jinrong: Wenzhou de jingyan [Rural industrialization and informalfinance: Wenzhou's experience], co authored with Wang Xiaoyi and Li Renqing (Taiyuan: Shanxi jingji chubanshe, 2004)

"Imperfect Substitutes: The Local Political Economy of Informal Finance and Microfinance in Rural China and India," World Development 32,9 (September 2004)

"Off Balance: The Unintended Consequences of Fiscal Federalism in China," Journal of Chinese Political Science 9,2 (Fall 2004)

"Segmented Markets: Grassroots Finance in Rural China and India," China Report: A Journal of East Asian Studies 39, 4 (November 2003): 511-535

"Locating the Local State in China," Politologiske Studier (September 2003); 71-82

Back-Alley Banking: Private Entrepreneurs in China, Cornell University Press, (2002)

"Chinese Factionalism from a New Institutional Perspective" in The Nature of Chinese Politics, From Mao to Jiang (2002)  (with Andrew J. Nathan)

"State Ideology and Women in Rural China" in Women in Developing Countries: Assessing Strategies for Empowerment (2002)

"Banquet Banking:  Gender and Rotating Savings and Credit Associations in South China," The China Quarterly (2000)

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