PhDs on the Job Market

  • Kavi Abraham

    Research Interests:  International Relations | Political Theory
    Democratic governance of cyberspace, hacker practices and contemporary social movements, liberalism and the production of imperial formations, American pragmatism and global democracy, interpretive methods and methodology

  • Yehonatan Abramson

    International Relations, Comparative Politics

    Research Interests:  International Relations | Comparative Politics
    Diaspora and Transnationalism, Ethnic and Religious Conflicts, Securitization, Pragmatism and IR, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

  • Alexander Alden

    Research Interests:  International Relations

  • Kellan Anfinson

    Research Interests:  Political theory, environmental politics, American politics, political economy

  • Taesuh Cha Personal Website

    Research Interests:  International relations theory, US foreign policy, American political thought, American political development, East Asian security, discourse analysis

  • Adam Culver

    Research Interests:  Modern and contemporary political theory, comparative racial politics, critical race theory, democratic pluralism, Greek tragedy, continental philosophy, post-nationalist black political thought, anti-colonial politics and thought

  • David Dagan

    Research Interests:  American Politics | Comparative Politics
    Comparative politics of criminal justice, with a particular emphasis on the U.S.; political economy of development; American political development

  • Derek Denman

    Research Interests:  Contemporary political thought, political geography, cities, postcolonial thought, nonhuman animal ethics

  • Christopher England

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Lauren Foley

    Research Interests:  American Politics | Public Law
    Legal impact and organizations, American political development, law and social movements

  • Christopher Forster-Smith

    Research Interests:  Political Theory | Comparative Politics
    Theory and politics of capitalism; political economy, racial politics, and urban politics through the lens of Marx, Nietzsche, Foucault, and Deleuze

  • Patrick Giamario Personal Website

    Research Interests:  Political Theory | Law & Politics
    Critical Theory; democratic theory; history of political thought; politics and aesthetics; philosophies of laughter

  • Nathan Gies

    Research Interests:  Political theory, feminist and queer theory, jurisprudence and legal studies, privacy and the public sphere, ethics

  • Anne Gillman Personal Website

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics | American Politics
    Democratization, participatory institutions, youth, Latin America (especially Brazil), cultural policy

  • Katherine Glanz

    Research Interests:  Feminist and queer theory, psychoanalytic theory, critical race theory, contemporary democratic theory

  • Katherine Goktepe

    Research Interests:  Contemporary political theory; history of political thought; Shakespeare and early modern literature; affect studies; feminist and queer studies; race studies

  • Jake Greear

    Research Interests:  Political theory, comparative politics, ecological subjectivities, the history of environmental consciousness

  • Daisy Kim

    Post doctoral fellowship University of Southern California

    Research Interests:  Migration, citizenship and gender, East Asian politics , political economy of development, race and ethnicity

  • Meghan Luhman

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics | International Relations
    European politics, Britain and France, immigration and asylum policy, the politics of ideas

  • Jon Masin-Peters

    Research Interests:  Political Theory | American Politics
    Political theory and American politics; political economy, the macro and micro-politics of domination, theories of freedom, racial politics, democratic theory, pluralism and social movements, capitalism and gender, class and labor process theory, American political development

  • Casey McNeill

    Research Interests:  Global security, international relations theory, African politics, US foreign policy, political geography

  • Arthur (Tripp) Rebrovick

    Research Interests:  Political theory, history of political thought, food studies, classical and contemporary political economy, American constitutional law, queer theory, Walt Whitman

  • Fernando Romero

    Research Interests:  Political Theory | International Relations
    International relations theory and transnational history merged with fiction (Lu Xun, Dostoyevsky, Hugo Lindo), philosophy of organism (A.N. Whitehead), and phenomenology (Kuki Shuuzou)