PhDs on the Job Market

  • Kellan Anfinson

    Research Interests:  Political theory, environmental politics, American politics, political economy

  • Taesuh Cha Personal Website

    Research Interests:  International relations theory, US foreign policy, American political thought, American political development, East Asian security, discourse analysis

  • Adam Culver

    Research Interests:  Modern and contemporary political theory, comparative racial politics, critical race theory, democratic pluralism, Greek tragedy, continental philosophy, post-nationalist black political thought, anti-colonial politics and thought

  • Cara Daggett

    Research Interests:  International relations, global environmental politics, gender and feminist theory, political theory

  • Derek Denman

    Research Interests:  Contemporary political thought, political geography, cities, postcolonial thought, nonhuman animal ethics

  • Christopher Forster-Smith

    Research Interests:  Political Theory | Comparative Politics
    Theory and politics of capitalism; political economy, racial politics, and urban politics through the lens of Marx, Nietzsche, Foucault, and Deleuze

  • Patrick Giamario Personal Website

    Research Interests:  Political Theory | Law & Politics
    Critical Theory; democratic theory; history of political thought; politics and aesthetics; philosophies of laughter

  • Nathan Gies

    Research Interests:  Political theory, feminist and queer theory, jurisprudence and legal studies, privacy and the public sphere, ethics

  • Anne Gillman Personal Website

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics | American Politics
    Democratization, participatory institutions, youth, Latin America (especially Brazil), cultural policy

  • Katherine Glanz

    Research Interests:  Feminist and queer theory, psychoanalytic theory, critical race theory, contemporary democratic theory

  • Katherine Goktepe

    Research Interests:  Contemporary political theory; history of political thought; Shakespeare and early modern literature; affect studies; feminist and queer studies; race studies

  • Jake Greear

    Research Interests:  Political theory, comparative politics, ecological subjectivities, the history of environmental consciousness

  • Ayako Hiramatsu

    American Politics | Comparative Politics
    PhD Personal Website

    Research Interests:  American Political development, political parties, political institutions, southern politics, subnational democratic consolidation

  • Daisy Kim

    Post doctoral fellowship University of Southern California

    Research Interests:  Migration, citizenship and gender, East Asian politics , political economy of development, race and ethnicity

  • Casey McNeill

    Research Interests:  Global security, international relations theory, African politics, US foreign policy, political geography

  • Arthur (Tripp) Rebrovick

    Research Interests:  Political theory, history of political thought, food studies, classical and contemporary political economy, American constitutional law, queer theory, Walt Whitman

  • Zach Reyna

    Research Interests:  Political theory, natural law theory and its contemporary receptions, Greek and Christian political and legal thought, cultural study of law, comparative constitutional law, contemporary environmental political theory, ecology, new materialisms and post-humanisms, earth jurisprudence

  • Fernando Romero

    Research Interests:  Political Theory | International Relations
    International relations theory and transnational history merged with fiction (Lu Xun, Dostoyevsky, Hugo Lindo), philosophy of organism (A.N. Whitehead), and phenomenology (Kuki Shuuzou)

  • chad shomura

    Chad Shomura

    Personal Website

    Research Interests:  Political theory; American studies; women's, gender, and sexuality studies; affect; the human; new materialisms; posthumanisms; biopolitics, ecology; ordinary life; intimacy; Hawaiʻi