José Luís Rodriguez Aquino – Winner of the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award

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Congratulations to Jose Luis Rodriguez Aquino!

“Luis … incorporate[d] elements of his own teaching style that broke from the traditional mold while creating a valuable learning environment that is seldom seen from graduate students. In-class debates forced students to explore the different angles of pressing questions. Team competitions offered students a chance to work together outside of the classroom and engage with the material in ways most students do not have the opportunity to. The thoughtful and insightful feedback he provided on written work vastly improved my research and writing capabilities in ways that continue to benefit me in upper-level political science courses today.”

“I had the pleasure of taking International Politics of the Global South with Luis. I can whole-heartedly say that this class was the best class I have taken during my four years at Johns Hopkins. … His vision to create and educate through real-life situations was one of my favorite aspects of the semester.”

Please join me in congratulating these outstanding educators. Every day, they embrace the challenge of shaping students into leaders, going above and beyond with genuine pleasure. I am grateful to have them inspiring our students at the Krieger School. Congratulations!


Beverly Wendland

James B. Knapp Dean