Renee Marlin-Bennett on Chopped Liver and Mean Memes

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Professor Renee Marlin-Bennett was interviewed by Hillary Matfess, Hopkins alumna, for “Say More About That“, a Bridging the Gap podcast.

Professor Renee Marlin-Bennett researches global problems involving information and how it flows, borders, bodies, and power.  From these points of departure, she ventures into international theory, pragmatism, international political sociology, and global political economy.  Much of her previous work has explored the evolution of rules that order global practices as well as those that provide the basis for disorder.  She has examined substantive areas such as trade, intellectual property, information, and privacy to examine how contestation, rhetorical frames, and path dependence contribute to development of global borders.

Professor Bennett’s current research on global problems focuses on instances of power and how they can congeal into governance or disruption of governance.  Much of her work now looks o the Internet and global sites within cyberspace as opportunities for complicating our understanding of the practices of global politics in the Information Age.  She also research the relation between the embodied human and these global practices and the politics of borders, understood broadly.