Carla Barqueiro

Carla Barqueiro

Graduate Program Administrator

PhD, Aberystwyth University

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Carla Barqueiro earned her PhD in International Politics from Aberystwyth University, UK and is a lecturer in political science in the Department of Political Science. Her teaching and research focuses on human security approaches in international relations, Latin American politics, and kinship. She co-authored a book entitled Mobilizing the Will to Intervene: Leadership to Prevent Mass Atrocities (2010) with McGill-Queen's University Press. In 2016 she co-authored an article, "Regional Organizations and Responsibility to Protect: Normative Reframing or Normative Change?" in Politics and Governance. In 2017, she published a chapter "When outsiders are threats: How to move beyond a culture of fear to a shared sense of humanity", in Samuel Totten's edited volume Last Lectures on the Prevention and Intervention of Genocide with Routledge. She also is a contributor to The Hill news, and is currently working on a project exploring the relationship between kinship and international relations.

Human Security

Responsibility to Protect

Norm Life-Cycles

Kinship in IR


International Relations

Human Security

Latin American Politics

Gender and Conflict


Book Chapters

Barqueiro, Carla. (2018). “When Outsiders Are Threats: How to Move beyond a Culture of Fear to a Shared Sense of Humanity”, in Samuel Totten (ed) Last Lectures on the Prevention and Intervention of Genocide. NY: Routledge.

Journal Articles

Barqueiro, Carla, and Kate Seaman, and KT Towey. (2016). “Regional Organizations and Responsibility to Protect: Normative Reframing or Normative Change?”, Politics and Governance 4(3): 37-49.

Barqueiro, Carla. (2021). “Dehumanizing R2P: Preventing Mass Atrocities without Human Security?”, Journal of Human Security (accepted).

Policy Papers

Barqueiro, Carla. “Children in Endemic Urban Violence: Human Security and the ‘Protection Gap.’” Ottawa: DFAIT, 2008. Barqueiro, Carla. “Human Security: An Examination of Urban Violent Crime in Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo.” Ottawa: DFAIT, 2006.


Barqueiro, Carla (March 10, 2016) “What the US can learn from Canada”, The Hill , Opinion-Editorial\

Barqueiro, Carla & Katherine Teresa Towey (November 20, 2015) “Paris Attacks Should Strengthen US Resolve to Accept More Refugees”, The Hill, Opinion-Editorial,