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Erin Chung

Charles D. Miller Associate Professor of East Asian Politics and Director, Program in East Asian Studies

Areas of Interest:  Comparative Politics, East Asian Politics, International Migration, Comparative Racial Politics

The Johns Hopkins University
Department of Political Science
365 Mergenthaler
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218

Telephone: (410) 516-4496

Office Hours:  Tuesday 2-3PM

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Publications:

Immigration and Citizenship in Japan (Cambridge University Press, 2010).

  • Japanese translation, Zainichi gaikokujin to shiminken: Imin hen'nyū
    no seijigaku, trans. Atsuko Abe (Tokyo: Akashi Shoten, August 2012).

“Citizenship and Marriage in a Globalizing World: Multicultural Families and Monocultural Nationality Laws in Korea and Japan,” Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies, vol. 19, no. 1 (Winter 2012): 195-219 (with Daisy Kim).

“Korea and Japan’s Multicultural Models for Immigrant Incorporation,” Korea Observer, vol. 41, no. 4 (Winter 2010): 649-676. [*Winner of the Kim Myong Whai Award for best article published in 2010 in Korea Observer.]

“Workers or Residents? Diverging Patterns of Immigrant Incorporation in Korea and Japan,” Pacific Affairs, vol. 83, no. 4 (December 2010): 675-696. [*Winner of the William Holland Prize for best article published in 2010 in Pacific Affairs.]

 “The Politics of Contingent Citizenship: Korean Political Engagement in Japan and the United States,” in Diaspora without Homeland: Being Korean in Japan, edited by Sonia Ryang and John Lie (University of California Press, 2009).

"The Korean Citizen in Japanese Civil Society," in Japan's Diversity Dilemma (2005)

"From Race Relations to Comparative Racial Politics: A Survey of Cross-National Scholarship on Race in the Social Sciences," Du Bois Review 1, no. 2 (September 2004): 319-343 (with Michael Hanchard)

"Exercising Citizenship: Koreans Living in Japan," Asian Perspective 24, no. 4 (2000): 159-178

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