PhDs on the Job Market

  • Sabrina Axster

    Sabrina Axster

    Research Interests:  Migration studies; border controls; racial capitalism; post-colonialism; policing and incarceration

  • Conor Bean

    Conor Bean

    Research Interests:  Political Theory, Marxism, 20th Century French Radical Theory, Security Studies and the War on Terror, Biopolitics, Theories of Materialism

    Thesis Title: "Orderly Dispositions: Toward a Theory of Affective Governance"

    Main Adviser: William Connolly

  • Julieta Casas

    Julieta Casas

    Research Interests:  Comparative political development; State-building and democratization in the U.S. and Latin America; Patronage and bureaucratic politics; Comparative historical analysis

    Thesis Title: "Building Bureaucratic Capacity: The Political Origins of Civil Service Reforms in the Americas"

    Main Adviser: Sebastián Mazzuca

  • Sheharyar Imran

    Sheharyar Imran

    Research Interests:  International Relations; Global Racial Capitalism; Environmental Politics; Postcolonial Theory; Anticolonial Global Politics

    Thesis Title: "Political Ecologies of Worldmaking: Territory, Sovereignty, Infrastructure"

    Main Adviser: Robbie Shilliam and Jane Bennett

  • David Kenneth Johnson

    David Kenneth Johnson

    Research Interests:  International Relations; Global Political Economy; U. S. Foreign Policy; Empire and Imperialism; Global Development; Political Theory; Historical Methods

    Thesis Title: "Empire of Capital: U.S. International Development Policy from the Spanish-American War to the Bretton Woods System "

    Main Adviser: Robbie Shilliam

  • Stephanie Saxton

    Stephanie Saxton

    Research Interests:  American Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, Urban Politics, Police and Prisons

    Thesis Title: "Gold, Coal, and Oysters: Why America Made Police"

    Main Adviser: Vesla Weaver and Lester Spence

  • Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor

    Research Interests:  Political theory, contemporary and modern; continental philosophy; race and racial politics; political economy

    Thesis Title: "After Racialization: Neoliberalism and the Limits of Racial Justice"

    Main Adviser: Samuel A. Chambers

  • Maximiliano Vejares

    Maximiliano Vejares

    Research Interests:  State building and democratization in Latin America’s late 19th century

    Thesis Title: "Varieties of state-building: ecology and capacity in Latin America"

    Main Adviser: Sebastian Mazzuca

  • Tvrtko Vrdoljak

    Tvrtko Vrdoljak

    Research Interests:  Philosophy of Power, Political Ecology, Friedrich Nietzsche & Neo-Nietzschean Political Thought, History & Philosophy of Social Sciences