PhDs on the Job Market

  • Sabrina Axster

    Sabrina Axster

    Research Interests:  Migration studies; border controls; racial capitalism; post-colonialism; policing and incarceration

  • Bryan Carter

    Research Interests:  American Politics; Race and Capitalism; Black Politics; the Criminal Legal System; American Political Development

  • Valerie de Koeijer

    Valerie de Koeijer

    Research Interests:  International Relations

  • Nandini Dey

    Nandini Dey

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics, International Relations, Citizenship, Colonialism, Security, Borders, South Asia

  • Maximiliano Vejares

    Maximiliano Vejares

    Research Interests:  State building and democratization in Latin America‚Äôs late 19th century

  • Tvrtko Vrdoljak

    Tvrtko Vrdoljak

    Research Interests:  Philosophy of Power, Political Ecology, Friedrich Nietzsche & Neo-Nietzschean Political Thought, History & Philosophy of Social Sciences