Graduate Students

  • Jan-Ole Adolphsen

    Jan-Ole Adolphsen

    Research Interests:  International Relations, Planetary Politics, Martial Ecology, and Geoengineering

  • Udbhav Agarwal

    Udbhav Agarwal

    Research Interests:  International Relations, Ethnography, Political Sociology, Political Theory, Politics of Urbanism

  • Shahab ud Din Ahmad

    Shahab ud Din Ahmad

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics and International Relations
    Borderlands, Comparative State Formation, Political Violence, Postcolonialism, Afghanistan and South Asia.

  • George Andrews

    George Andrews

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Concepts and Concept Formation, and Subject Formation.

  • Ilsuk Aum

    Ilsuk Aum

    Research Interests:  Political Theory, Political History, Ecological Political Thought, Animal Ethics

  • Sabrina Axster

    Sabrina Axster

    Research Interests:  International Relations & Comparative Politics
    Migration and Citizenship; Borders and Migration Control; Comparative Racial Politics; Incarceration and Policing; Neoliberalism and Racial Capitalism; International Relations Theory

  • Ronay Bakan

    Ronay Bakan

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics and International Relations
    Politics of Land and Cities, Insurgency and Counterinsurgency, Colonialism, Middle East, Kurdish politics, Turkish politics

  • Conor Bean

    Conor Bean

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Marxism, 20th Century French Radical Theory, Security Studies and the War on
    Terror, Biopolitics, Theories of Materialism.

  • Juliana Butron

    Juliana Butron

    Research Interests:  American Politics

  • Cécile Cadet

    Cécile Cadet

    Research Interests:  Critical Theory, Social Justice, Feminism, Digital Humanities, Social Media Platforms, Methodology and Epistemology

  • Bryan Carter

    Research Interests:  American Politics
    Race and Capitalism; Black Politics; the Criminal Legal System; American Political Development

  • Julieta Casas

    Julieta Casas

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics
    Political Violence, Comparative State Formation, Latin American Politics.

  • Ga Eun Cho

    Ga Eun Cho

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics and International Relations

  • Inho Choi

    Inho Choi

    Research Interests:  International Studies
    Non-Western International Relations Theory, Comparative International Thought, East Asian International History, Historical Sociology of East Asian Order, Chinese and Korean Political Thought, The Future of Liberal Hegemony.

  • Charlton Copeland

    Charlton Copeland

    Research Interests:  American Politics

  • Sebastian Cortesi

    Sebastian Cortesi

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics. XIX Century Politics and Press in Latin America; Global History of Electoral Systems; Transnational Studies

  • Jessica Croteau

    Jessica Croteau

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    New Materialism, Ecological Political Thought, Inhuman Epistemology and Politics, and Feminist and Queer Theory

  • Emma Cytrynbaum

    Emma Cytrynbaum

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Rothin Datta

    Rothin Datta

    Research Interests:  Political Theory & Comparative Politics
    Value-Form Theory; Historical Materialism; Systematic Dialectics; State Theory; Labor History; Social Movements; Money; History of Capitalism; History of Economic Thought

  • Valerie de Koeijer

    Valerie de Koeijer

    Research Interests:  International Relations

  • David DeBole

    David DeBole

    Research Interests:  Political Theory, Democratic Thought, Climate Change, Creativity, and 20th Century Literature

  • Nandini Dey

    Nandini Dey

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics

  • Alexandra Dildine

    Alexandra Dildine

    Research Interests:  Community organizing, social movements, digital technology, social capital formation and sustainability, American political campaigns and organizational behavior, social networks.

  • Darcie Draudt

    Darcie Draudt

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics & International Relations
    Policy Studies, Immigration and Citizenship, East Asian Politics, Korea Studies

  • Luize Eihmane

    Luize Eihmane

    Research Interests:  Law and Politics

  • Farah Farid

  • Claudio Fiorini

    Claudio Fiorini

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics
    Comparative Constitutionalism and Constitutional Crisis , Law and Politics

  • Raychel Gadson

    Raychel Gadson

    Research Interests:  American Politics, Racism and Racial Policy, Political Institutions, Social Justice, Residential Segregation and Fair Housing

  • Kory Gaines

    Kory Gaines

    Research Interests:  Political Theory, American Politics, Black Political Thought, early 20th-century African American Literature, and Black diasporic cultural production

  • Brian Gordon

    Brian Gordon

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Jessica  Gover

    Jessica Gover

    Research Interests:  American Politics
    American political development

  • Dhana Hamal

    Dhana Hamal

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics
    Law & Politics, Ethnic Politics, Federalism and Democratic Transitions, Gender Politics, and Militarization of Public Safety.

  • Geoff Henderson

    Geoff Henderson

    Research Interests:  American Politics
    Environmental Politics, Climate Politics, Field Experiments, Labor Politics, Organization Theory, Political Participation, Public Opinion and Political Behavior, Representation, and Social Movements.

  • Maye Henning

    Maye Henning

    Research Interests:  American Politics, Law & Politics, American Political Development, American Imperialism, Racial & Ethnic Politics, Citizenship

  • Christopher Higgins

    Christopher Higgins

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Ordinary Language Philosophy, Structural Marxism.

  • Sheharyar Imran

    Sheharyar Imran

  • Felicia Jing

    Felicia Jing

    Research Interests:  Political Theory and International Relations

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

    Research Interests:  International Relations & Political Theory
    Global Political Economy, Historical Materialism, Settler Colonial Studies, Ecology.

  • Gary Jones

    Gary Jones

    Research Interests:  Law and Politics & Comparative Politics
    Constitutional Law, Intellectual Property, Judicial Politics, American Politics, Comparative Politics.

  • Ungki Jung

    Ungki Jung

    Research Interests:  American Politics & Comparative Politics
    American Welfare State in Comparative Perspective; Comparative Political Economy; Relation Between Financial Market and Social Policy; Social Policy Dynamics in the U.S. as well as in East Asia; Theories of Institutional Change.

  • Minah Kang

    Minah Kang

    Research Interests:  International Influences on Domestic Politics, State-Society Relations, Political Exclusion, Identity and Otherness, Global History of Cold War and East Asia, Korean War

  • Jiyoung “Ashley” Kim

    Jiyoung “Ashley” Kim

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Ecological Political Thought, Aesthetics, Affect, New Materialism, Democratic Theory

  • Nur Kirmizidag

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Tristan Klingelhöfer

    Tristan Klingelhöfer

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics & American Politics
    Emotions in Party Competition, Party Organization, Coalition Politics, Comparative Political Behavior, Public Opinion, Politics of Advanced Industrial Democracies (with a focus on Western Europe).

  • Jacob Kripp

    Jacob Kripp

    Research Interests:  Political Theory & International Relations
    Empire & Global Politics; Memory, Time & Politics; Caribbean Political Thought; Politics & Suffering; Anti-Colonial IR Theory; Post-Kantian Critical Theory (Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche)

  • Nils Kupzok

    Nils Kupzok

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics & Political Theory
    Energy and Climate Policy; Energy Transitions; Comparative Politics; Political Economy; European Politics; Institutional Development; Politics of Ideas; Conservative Parties; Environmentalism; Social and Economic Theory.

  • Colin Lahiff

    Research Interests:  International Relations, U.S. Foreign Policy, Grand Strategy, and Diplomatic History

  • Sally Lawton

    Sally Lawton

    Research Interests:  American Politics & Political Theory
    Urban Politics; Postindustrial Cities; Race; American Political Development.

  • Quinn Lester

    Quinn Lester

    Research Interests:  Political Theory & American Politics
    New Materialism; Speculative Realism; Comparative Political Theory; Post-Colonial Theory; Politics and Religion; Politics of Horror.

  • Ruoyu Li

    Ruoyu Li

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    International politics, political theory, critical theory, hermeneutics, postcolonial theory, subaltern studies, China, borders, urbanization and modernization, modern literature, poetry, translation.

  • Thomas Mann

    Thomas Mann

    Research Interests:  Political Theory & American Politics
    Stoicism; Spinoza; German Idealism; 20th-Century Continental Philosophy; Anarcho-Syndicalism; Labor History; Politics of Water.

  • Jon Masin-Peters

    Jon Masin-Peters

    Research Interests:  Political Theory & American Politics
    Political Economy; the Macro and Micro-Politics of Domination; Theories of Freedom; Racial Politics; Democratic Theory; Pluralism and Social Movements; Capitalism and Gender; Class and Labor Process Theory; American Political Development.

  • Maryam Nahhal

    Maryam Nahhal

    Research Interests:  International relations; Race and Racism in World Politics; Nationalism, Borders and Migration; Critical Security Studies

  • Stephanie Najjar

    Stephanie Najjar

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Kathleen Nganga

    Kathleen Nganga

    Research Interests:  Identity politics, polarization, and populism

  • Keynola Paton

    Keynola Paton

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Iván Ruiz-Hernández

    Iván Ruiz-Hernández

    Research Interests:  International Relations, Comparative Politics, Food Politics, Food Sovereignty, Agricultural Development in Low- and Middle-Income States, Forced Displacement, and Latin American Politics.

  • Stephanie Saxton

    Stephanie Saxton

    Research Interests:  American Politics

  • Elliott Schwebach

    Elliott Schwebach

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Political Philosophy, Psychoanalytic Theory, Metaphysics, Ecology, Radical Democracy, Creativity, Critical and Decolonial IR.

  • Henry Scott

    Henry Scott

    Research Interests:  "Political Theory and International Relations"
    Technology, History of Ontology, Transhumanism, Anthropocene, Materialism, Realism, Memes and Internet Politics, Eco-Fascism, Gnosticism

  • Matthew Scotti

    Matthew Scotti

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Pyar Seth

    Pyar Seth

    Research Interests:  American Politics, Political Philosophy
    Affect, Black Thought, Everyday Life, Hip Hop, Institutionalism, Medical Humanities, Policing, Suffering, Racial Violence, and Youth.

  • Blaz Skerjanec

    Blaz Skerjanec

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Assemblage Theory; Deconstruction; Identity Politics; Indigenous and Decolonial Thought, Performativity, Queer Theory; Styles and Ethics of Theorizing; Violence, Death and Destruction.

  • Lynsy Smithson-Stanley

    Lynsy Smithson-Stanley

    Research Interests:  American Politics
    Environmental policy and politics, climate change advocacy, transformational organizing, social movements, analytic activism, organizational behavior (especially US-based environmental nonprofits).

  • Franziska Strack

    Franziska Strack

    Research Interests:  Political Theory & International Relations
    Deleuzian Philosophy, Feminist and Queer Theory, Sound and Media Studies, Democratic Theory, Critical International Relations Theory

  • Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor

    Research Interests:  Political Theory

  • Yunchen Tian

    Yunchen Tian

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics
    Migration Policy, Citizenship, Immigration, Political Economy, East Asia, Japan.

  • Aila Trasi

    Aila Trasi

    Research Interests:  International Relations
    International Relations Theory, International Order, Change in International Politics, Non-Western IR, Agent-Structure Debate, China and Southeast Asia.

  • Maximiliano Vejares

    Maximiliano Vejares

    Research Interests:  State building and democratization in Latin America’s late 19th century

  • Darko Vinketa

    Darko Vinketa

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Queer Theory, Deconstruction, Value-Form Theory, Performativity, Queer Marxism, Theatricality and Hypochondria, Ethics of Superficiality

  • Tvrtko Vrdoljak

    Tvrtko Vrdoljak

    Research Interests:  Political Theory
    Ontology of Politics, Theories of Power, Philosophies of Becoming, the Nonhuman, the Body Politic

  • Jonathan White

    Jonathan White

    Research Interests:  Political Theory & International Relations
    Law and violence, Responsibility and Mercy.

  • Nanxi Zeng

    Nanxi Zeng

    Research Interests:  Comparative Politics, Political Economy of Development, Urban Politics, Citizenship and Nationalism, Chinese Politics, East Asian Politics.