Course # (Section) Title Day/Times Instructor Location Term Course Details
AS.190.676 (01)Field Survey of International RelationsW 2:00PM - 4:00PMMarlin-Bennett, Renee E; Schmidt, SebastianMergenthaler 366Fall 2023
AS.190.615 (01)War and Society in World PoliticsM 4:30PM - 7:00PMBarkawi, Tarak KarimMergenthaler 366Fall 2023
AS.190.691 (01)The Hopkins Seminar on Racial PoliticsM 10:00AM - 12:00PMSpence, Lester; Valdez, InésMacaulay 101Fall 2023
AS.190.630 (01)Interpretation and Critique of Political IdeasTh 2:00PM - 4:00PMSimon, Josh DavidMergenthaler 366Fall 2023
AS.190.648 (01)Writing for ResearchW 12:00PM - 2:00PMAmat Matus, Consuelo; Lieberman, Robert CMergenthaler 366Fall 2023
AS.190.693 (01)Directed Readings: Research Methods & Perspectives on ChinaTh 9:30AM - 11:30AMAng, Yuen YuenMergenthaler 366Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (01)Independent StudyBennett, Jane Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (02)Independent StudyAllan, Bentley Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (03)Independent StudyChambers, Samuel Allen Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (04)Independent StudyChung, Erin Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (05)Independent StudyConnolly, William E Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (06)Independent StudyBrendese, PJ Joseph Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (07)Independent StudyCulbert, Jennifer Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (08)Independent StudyDavid, Steven R Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (09)Independent StudyDeudney, Daniel Horace Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (10)Independent StudyGinsberg, Benjamin Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (11)Independent StudyZackin, Emily Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (12)Independent StudyMazzuca, Sebastian L Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (13)Independent StudyLieberman, Robert C Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (14)Independent StudyJabko, Nicolas Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (15)Independent StudyKatz, Richard Stephen Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (16)Independent StudyLawrence, Adria K Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (21)Independent StudyParkinson, Sarah Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (27)Independent StudyYasuda, John Kojiro Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (23)Independent StudySchmidt, Sebastian Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (22)Independent StudySchlozman, Daniel Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (28)Independent StudyBarkawi, Tarak Karim Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (26)Independent StudyShilliam, Robbie Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (01)Graduate ResearchBennett, Jane Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (02)Graduate ResearchAllan, Bentley Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (03)Graduate ResearchChambers, Samuel Allen Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (10)Graduate ResearchGinsberg, Benjamin Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (07)Graduate ResearchCulbert, Jennifer Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (09)Graduate ResearchDeudney, Daniel Horace Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (08)Graduate ResearchDavid, Steven R Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (06)Graduate ResearchBrendese, PJ Joseph Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (11)Graduate ResearchZackin, Emily Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (13)Graduate ResearchLieberman, Robert C Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (15)Graduate ResearchKatz, Richard Stephen Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (05)Graduate ResearchConnolly, William E Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (04)Graduate ResearchChung, Erin Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (12)Graduate ResearchMazzuca, Sebastian L Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (14)Graduate ResearchJabko, Nicolas Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (18)Independent StudySheingate, Adam Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (17)Independent StudyMarlin-Bennett, Renee E Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (20)Independent StudyTeles, Steven Michael Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (19)Independent StudySpence, Lester Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (19)Graduate ResearchSpence, Lester Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (18)Graduate ResearchSheingate, Adam Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (20)Graduate ResearchTeles, Steven Michael Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (27)Graduate ResearchHan, Hahrie Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (21)Graduate ResearchParkinson, Sarah Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (22)Graduate ResearchSchlozman, Daniel Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (17)Graduate ResearchMarlin-Bennett, Renee E Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (23)Graduate ResearchSchmidt, Sebastian Fall 2023
AS.190.849 (29)Graduate ResearchSimon, Josh David Fall 2023
AS.190.616 (01)American Political DevelopmentW 10:00AM - 12:00PMSheingate, AdamMergenthaler 366Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (26)Graduate ResearchShilliam, Robbie Fall 2023
AS.190.640 (01)States and DemocracyTh 9:30AM - 11:30AMMazzuca, Sebastian LMergenthaler 366Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (08)Independent StudyDavid, Steven R Spring 2024
AS.190.614 (01)Frontiers of Empirical Political ScienceM 3:00PM - 5:30PMTeele, Dawn LanganWyman Park N325FSpring 2024
AS.190.800 (05)Independent StudyConnolly, William E Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (07)Independent StudyCulbert, Jennifer Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (28)Graduate ResearchYasuda, John Kojiro Fall 2023
AS.190.682 (01)The Politics of the Regulatory StateTh 7:00AM - 9:00AMYasuda, John KojiroMergenthaler 366Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (12)Independent StudyMazzuca, Sebastian L Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (06)Independent StudyBrendese, PJ Joseph Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (14)Independent StudyJabko, Nicolas Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (18)Independent StudySheingate, Adam Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (13)Independent StudyParkinson, Sarah Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (16)Independent StudyLawrence, Adria K Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (27)Independent StudyTeele, Dawn Langan Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (19)Independent StudySpence, Lester Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (15)Independent StudyKatz, Richard Stephen Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (17)Independent StudyMarlin-Bennett, Renee E Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (28)Independent StudyYasuda, John Kojiro Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (26)Independent StudyShilliam, Robbie Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (30)Independent StudyMason, Lily Hall Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (31)Independent StudyAmat Matus, Consuelo Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (16)Graduate ResearchLawrence, Adria K Fall 2023
AS.190.800 (29)Independent StudyValdez, Inés Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (04)Graduate ResearchChung, Erin Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (08)Graduate ResearchDavid, Steven R Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (10)Graduate ResearchGinsberg, Benjamin Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (09)Graduate ResearchDeudney, Daniel Horace Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (18)Graduate ResearchSheingate, Adam Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (03)Graduate ResearchChambers, Samuel Allen Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (02)Graduate ResearchAllan, Bentley Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (17)Graduate ResearchMarlin-Bennett, Renee E Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (19)Graduate ResearchSpence, Lester Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (01)Graduate ResearchBennett, Jane Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (16)Graduate ResearchLawrence, Adria K Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (31)Graduate ResearchAmat Matus, Consuelo Fall 2023
AS.150.613 (01)Between Hegel and MarxM 1:30PM - 4:00PMMoyar, DeanGilman 288Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (30)Graduate ResearchTeele, Dawn Langan Fall 2023
AS.190.601 (01)Qualitative ResearchT 10:00AM - 12:00PMParkinson, SarahMergenthaler 366Spring 2024
AS.190.689 (01)Marxisms: Ecological, Feminist, Racial, and Latin American Approaches to Historical MaterialismT 9:00AM - 11:30AMValdez, InésMacaulay 101Spring 2024
AS.190.605 (01)Enviromental racismT 3:00PM - 5:00PMBrendese, PJ JosephMergenthaler 366Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (02)Independent StudyAllan, Bentley Spring 2024
AS.190.694 (01)Planetary Geo-Technics, Utopian-Dystopian Futurism & Materialist World Order TheoriesW 4:30PM - 7:00PMDeudney, Daniel HoraceMergenthaler 366Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (01)Independent StudyBennett, Jane Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (03)Independent StudyChambers, Samuel Allen Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (04)Independent StudyChung, Erin Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (09)Independent StudyDeudney, Daniel Horace Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (10)Independent StudyGinsberg, Benjamin Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (21)Independent StudyWeaver, Vesla Mae Spring 2024
AS.190.695 (01)Global PoliticsT 1:00PM - 3:00PMBarkawi, Tarak Karim; Shilliam, RobbieMergenthaler 366Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (11)Independent StudyZackin, Emily Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (20)Independent StudyTeles, Steven Michael Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (22)Independent StudySchlozman, Daniel Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (24)Independent StudyLieberman, Robert C Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (23)Independent StudySchmidt, Sebastian Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (05)Graduate ResearchConnolly, William E Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (07)Graduate ResearchCulbert, Jennifer Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (06)Graduate ResearchBrendese, PJ Joseph Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (11)Graduate ResearchZackin, Emily Spring 2024
AS.190.800 (25)Independent StudyKocher, Matthew A Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (13)Graduate ResearchLieberman, Robert C Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (12)Graduate ResearchMazzuca, Sebastian L Spring 2024
AS.060.690 (01)Fascism in Theory and PracticeW 1:00PM - 4:00PMMufti, AamirGilman 130DSpring 2024
AS.190.849 (15)Graduate ResearchKatz, Richard Stephen Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (14)Graduate ResearchJabko, Nicolas Spring 2024
AS.300.604 (01)Cicero and DeleuzeW 1:30PM - 4:00PMBennett, Jane; Butler, ShaneGilman 208Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (30)Graduate ResearchBarkawi, Tarak Karim Spring 2024
AS.360.631 (01)Race War: Theories and HistoriesTh 1:00PM - 3:00PMBarkawi, Tarak Karim; Brendese, PJ JosephMergenthaler 431Spring 2024
AS.196.600 (01)Data-analysis for Social Science & Public Policy IMW 4:30PM - 5:45PMCorrigan, BryceGilman 381Spring 2024
AS.190.801 (10)Summer ResearchGinsberg, Benjamin Summer 2024
AS.196.601 (01)Data-analysis for Social Science & Public Policy IIMW 4:30PM - 5:45PMCorrigan, BryceGilman 381Spring 2024
AS.190.801 (09)Summer ResearchDeudney, Daniel Horace Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (11)Summer ResearchZackin, Emily Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (04)Summer ResearchChung, Erin Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (03)Summer ResearchChambers, Samuel Allen Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (02)Summer ResearchAllan, Bentley Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (01)Summer ResearchBennett, Jane Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (07)Summer ResearchCulbert, Jennifer Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (06)Summer ResearchBrendese, PJ Joseph Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (05)Summer ResearchConnolly, William E Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (12)Summer ResearchMazzuca, Sebastian L Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (15)Summer ResearchKatz, Richard Stephen Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (13)Summer ResearchLieberman, Robert C Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (14)Summer ResearchJabko, Nicolas Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (08)Summer ResearchDavid, Steven R Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (17)Summer ResearchMarlin-Bennett, Renee E Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (19)Summer ResearchSpence, Lester Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (20)Summer ResearchTeles, Steven Michael Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (18)Summer ResearchSheingate, Adam Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (23)Summer ResearchSchmidt, Sebastian Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (22)Summer ResearchSchlozman, Daniel Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (21)Summer ResearchParkinson, Sarah Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (24)Summer ResearchWeaver, Vesla Mae Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (16)Summer ResearchLawrence, Adria K Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (26)Summer ResearchShilliam, Robbie Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (28)Summer ResearchYasuda, John Kojiro Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (27)Summer ResearchHan, Hahrie Summer 2024
AS.190.849 (25)Graduate ResearchParkinson, Sarah Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (23)Graduate ResearchSchmidt, Sebastian Spring 2024
AS.190.801 (29)Summer ResearchSimon, Josh David Summer 2024
AS.190.849 (21)Graduate ResearchWeaver, Vesla Mae Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (22)Graduate ResearchSchlozman, Daniel Spring 2024
AS.190.801 (31)Summer ResearchAmat Matus, Consuelo Summer 2024
AS.190.801 (30)Summer ResearchTeele, Dawn Langan Summer 2024
AS.190.849 (26)Graduate ResearchShilliam, Robbie Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (24)Graduate ResearchKocher, Matthew A Spring 2024
AS.190.801 (32)Summer ResearchBarkawi, Tarak Karim Summer 2024
AS.190.849 (28)Graduate ResearchYasuda, John Kojiro Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (27)Graduate ResearchSimon, Josh David Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (20)Graduate ResearchTeles, Steven Michael Spring 2024
AS.190.849 (29)Graduate ResearchHan, Hahrie Spring 2024