NameGraduation YearPost-graduation placement
Tristan Klingelhöfer2021Assistant Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
J. Luis Rodriguez2021Stanton Nuclear Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for International Security and Coooperation (CISC) at Stanford University
Alona Dolinsky2021Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, OPTED Project, University College Dublin (UCD) Ireland
Joseph Becker2020Active duty Army officer, Defense Attache, U.S. Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan
Jishnu Guha-Majumdar2020Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University
Michael Albert2020Lecturer, SOAS University of London, Department of Politics & International Studies
Nnamdi Igbokwe2020ACLS Emerging Voices Post-Doctoral Fellow, Arizona State University
Tulio Zille2019CFD Postdoctoral Fellow in Government, Bowdoin College
Scott Gerber2019
Colonel, Director of Strategy, U.S. Army Strategy Support Element
Stephanie Erev2019Assistant Professor, Portland State University
Tarek Tutunji2019Senior Research Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law & International Law
David Dagan2019
Post-doctoral fellow, George Washington University
Patrick Giamario2018Assistant Professor, UNC-Greensboro
Christopher Forster-Smith2018US Department of the Treasury
Lauren Foley2018Assistant Professor, Western Michigan University
Yoni Abramson2018Assistant Professor, Hebrew University Jerusalem
Sansar Tsakhirmaa2018Post-doctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins University
Casey McNeill2018Assistant Professor, Fordham University​
Mohorcich2017Assistant Professor, CUNY Lehman
Chunmn Zhang2017Assistant Professor, Fudan University
Devin Fernandes2017Assistant Professor, California State Chico
Anne Gillman2017Post-doctoral fellow, University of California Davis
Zachary Renya2017Assistant Professor, University of Tyumen
Fernando Romero2017Visiting Assistant Professor, Goucher College
Elizabeth Mendenhall2017Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island
Thomas Williams2016Research Analyst, Strategic Initiatives Group, Center for Naval Analysis
Wesley O’Dell2016Visiting Professor, Washington and Lee University
Ayako Hiramatsu2016Assistant Professor, Nanzan University, Japan
Cara Daggett2016Assistant Professor, Virginia Tech
Chad Shomura2016Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Denver
Nicole Thornton2016Provost’s Post-Doctoral Fellowship 2017, Department of Political Science, Johns Hopkins University
Michael McCarthy2016Research Fellow, American University
Taesuh Cha2016Department of Political Science, Sungkyunkwan University
Arthur (Tripp) Rebrovick2016Coach of Debate, Harvard University
Derek Denman2015Fellowship from the Max Planck Institute for Religion and Ethnic Diversity in Germany
Benjamin Meiches2015Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington-Tacoma
Nicole Grove2015Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Hawai’i at Manoa
Egle Verseckaite2015Lecturer, ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania
Daisy Kim2015Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Southern California
Hitomi Koyama2015Assistant Professor, Australian Catholic University
Fabian Bauwens2015XIN’AO International Program Fellow, Renmin University of China School of International Studies
Chas Phillips2014Visiting Assistant Professor in political theory at Franklin & Marshall College
Patrick Quirk2014Senior Policy Advisor, US Department of State
Jesse Merriam2014Assistant Professor of Political Science, Loyola University of Maryland
Anatoli Ignatov2014Assistant Professor of Sustainable Development, Appalachian State University
Frankie Clogston2014Senior Economist, Econometrica, Inc.
Kellan Anfinson2014Postdoctoral Fellow, Sciences Po, France
Daisy Kim2014Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Southern California
Noora Lori2013
First: Postdoctoral Fellow, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University; Present: Assistant Professor of Political Science, Boston University
Nobutaka Otobe2013Lecturer, College of Humanities, Ibaraki University, Japan
Drew Walker2013Associate Director, Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women, Brown University
Ling Chen2013Assistant Professor of International Political Economy, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies