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New Website Launches for Portals Policing Project

New Website Launches for Portals Policing Project
Prof. Vesla Weaver's Portals Policing Project creates a “wormhole” in highly policed communities using a portal. Portals are virtual chambers where people who are far away from one another can converse as if in the same room. To-date, Weaver and her colleagues have amassed more than 850 conversations across 14 neighborhoods in six cities. It's the most extensive collection of first-hand accounts of policing to date.

Joel B. Grossman Memorial Fund Announced

We are grateful to announce the Joel B. Grossman Memorial Fund, which will be used for purposes related to constitutional law, the Supreme Court, or public law, including activities relating to Constitution Day.

Robbie Shilliam – Distinguished Teacher Lecture

Professor Robbie Shilliam will give the inaugural Distinguished Teacher Lecture on 7th May to the Department of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. Situated in Scotland, St Andrews […]