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Joel Grossman Named Academy Professor

Three faculty members from the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences have been named professors of The Academy at Johns Hopkins, including political science Professor Joel Grossman. The Academy at Johns Hopkins is an institute for advanced study, where retired professors can pursue research opportunities, conduct and attend academic seminars, and explore other opportunities for continued scholarship.

Coming to Grips With ‘Kludgeocracy’

Steven Teles
In an interview with Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, Prof. Steven Teles argues that issues concerning the complexity of government, rather than its size, will dominate American politics going forward. The nation has become a “kludgeocracy,” he says, with too many government programs and policies—”kludges”—that are substantially more complicated than the problems they are […]

Market Irrationality

William Connolly’s new book, The Fragility of Things, is featured in Johns Hopkins Magazine.

Immigration Nations

Prof. Michael Hanchard talks about why immigration is such a hot-button issue in the latest Arts & Sciences Magazine.

How the Race Will Be Won

Political Science Associate Professor Adam Sheingate shares his views on some critical, and sometimes overlooked, components of winning a presidential campaign in the latest Arts & Sciences Magazine.

A Day Late and a Euro Short

Prof. Nicolas Jabko participates in a faculty roundtable discussion on the economic crisis in Europe…why it started, who it might harm, and how to fix it, in the latest Arts & Sciences Magazine.

Exploring Race and Politics Through a New Lens

The class Black Visual Politics—led by political scientist Lester K. Spence and photography instructor Phyllis Berger—requires photography, but it isn’t an art class. Instead it’s a traditional political science class addressing the politics of black families, the black self, and black spaces that’s combined with a documentary photography class. It’s interdisciplinary and collaborative. Read the […]

Expert Opinion: Jane Bennett

Prof. Jane Bennett shares some insights from her new book, Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things, with Arts & Sciences magazine. Click to read the article.