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William Connolly

Krieger - Eisenhower Professor 

Areas of Interest:  Political Theory; Planetary
Processes and Eco-politics; Political Economy

The Johns Hopkins University
Department of Political Science
328 Mergenthaler
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore MD 21218

Telephone: (410) 516-7535

Office Hours:  Tuesday, 2pm-3:30pm

Curriculum Vitae

Recent Publications:

The Fragility of Things: Self-Organizing Processes, Neoliberal Fantasies, and Democratic Activism (Duke, 2013)

A World of Becoming (Duke, 2011)

Capitalism and Christianity, American Style (Duke, 2008)

Pluralism (Duke, 2005)

Neuropolitics:  Thinking, Culture, Speed (Univ of Minnesota, 2002)

Why I Am Not A Secularist (
Univ of Minnesota, 1999)

The Ethos of Pluralization (Univ of Minnesota, 1995)

Political Theory and Modernity (1988, 1993)

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